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Parul Patel

Parul is a consultant lawyer, training designer-facilitator, motivational speaker and Non-executive director, with over 25 years international experience working with high performance, high pressure, innovative organisations like Nike, Speedo, Unilever, Bird & Bird and Eversheds.


At 28 she was the sole legal counsel enabling Nike’s EMEA geography secure some of the world’s most innovative and influential collaborations in sports marketing history. At 30, she was leading the way in enabling virtual teams working on complex, multi-jurisdictional alliances and operations. 


High performance under high pressure have been consistent themes in Parul’s career.  She’s learned how to play the friction to avoid its devastating toll on wellbeing, performance and progress and instead leverage it as a catalyst for unlocking the virtuous circle of wellbeing, performance and extraordinary outcomes.

With Fuel+Move, she uses the fun and tension of play with insights from high performance sport, law and business to create training experiences that empower legal and multi-disciplinary teams reap the rewards of optimal performance and win-win-win outcomes.

OUR MISSION is to set up teams and professionals to deliver win-win-win outcomes by transforming friction into wellbeing-powered performance that reinforces professional rigour, reliability and innovation.

Head over to our Water+Air podcast, for simple tips and insights to deliver extraordinary outcomes (no budget required).

You’ll also find Parul involved in:

Legal consultancy.

Welsh Triathlon as a non-executive director (responsible for Inclusivity and Wellbeing).

Virtual babysitting and community volunteering for youth development.

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Meet our Collaborators

Nicola Ellwood

Executive and High Performance Coach | Leadership and Communication specialist | PRINT® Licensed Coach

Mark Hunter

Thought leader + speaker on "sport meets corporate performance".

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 10.09.26.png
Eduardo Fano

Transformative Mediator | Nonviolent Communication Practitioner/Facilitator |IP and Fashion Law
Consultant and Lecturer and Public Speaker

Howard Stupp Bio photo.JPG
Howard Stupp

Special adviser and Speaker. 

Former Head of Legal of International Olympic Committee, and Olympic wrestler.



Jon Godden,
COO Pentland Brands

"Parul is a genuine catalyst for disruptive thinking and smarter decision-making.  She consistently offers alternative perspectives and contextually appropriate insights to support smarter decision-making at strategic and tactical levels.

What makes Parul an exceptional advisor are her integrity, and understated, friendly style with which she offers practical advice and solutions.  She deservedly captivates audiences with her calm, confident composure."

Andrew J White,
Partner, Bird & Bird LLP.

“Parul is highly visionary about the interface between law and business, and has a natural ability to deliver valuable insights into the challenges faced by cutting edge global businesses.”

Colin Graham,
Nike VP Legal

"Parul has the ability to manage and work effectively in a matrix organization. She has a great work ethic and the stamina to perform well under pressure. Together with her creativity in generating practical commercial and strategic solutions she is a valuable asset to any team."

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