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Meet The Special Advisers


Founder and innovator of world class immersive education and gaming solutions for senior  + executive leadership. 

Greg Bargeton, WGS Group General Counsel

Group General Counsel with 20 years in-house experience and enthusiastic kayaker.

Mark Hunter

Thought leader + speaker on "sport meets corporate performance".

Jason Sprague

Innovation and transformation consultant. 

Howard Stupp Bio photo.JPG
Howard Stupp

Special adviser and Speaker. 

Former Head of Legal of International Olympic Committee, and Olympic wrestler.

9. Stella Burch Elias Photo FINAL.jpg
Stella Burch Elias

Professor of law, University of Iowa College of Law


Solicitor, mediator and law tech innovator.

David Bovis.jpg

Culture and organisational behaviour change consultant.

John F

Marketing, business and brand strategist and an 8th Dan Black Belt in Karate.

Georgina Eilbeck

Former international project finance solicitor, and awe-inspiring full-time mum of three.



Jon Godden,
COO Pentland Brands

"Parul is a genuine catalyst for disruptive thinking and smarter decision-making.  She consistently offers alternative perspectives and contextually appropriate insights to support smarter decision-making at strategic and tactical levels.

What makes Parul an exceptional advisor are her integrity, and understated, friendly style with which she offers practical advice and solutions.  She deservedly captivates audiences with her calm, confident composure."

Andrew J White,
Partner, Bird & Bird LLP.

“Parul is highly visionary about the interface between law and business, and has a natural ability to deliver valuable insights into the challenges faced by cutting edge global businesses.”

Colin Graham,
Nike VP Legal

"Parul has the ability to manage and work effectively in a matrix organization. She has a great work ethic and the stamina to perform well under pressure. Together with her creativity in generating practical commercial and strategic solutions she is a valuable asset to any team."


Parul Patel

I've done the journey from trainee to leading a global legal team for iconic brands like Nike and Speedo as well as scaling businesses. I have an unusual career journey like my guests on LiveLaughLaw talkshow. 

I now enjoy a portfolio career-lifestyle that includes supporting organisations to build legal wellbeing infrastructure to support scaling and fast growth.


When I took a step back I was moved by the intensifying frustrations experienced by clients and lawyers.  A widening disconnect between the core stakeholders and a disturbing growth in chronic exhaustion. This all carries a heavy price tag for clients' and employers' bottom line, and everyone's wellbeing.  


And that’s when the years of amassed qualifications and experience in learning design and delivery together with exploring how athletes train to succeed, that I thought to myself. Why not give lawyers the support to set up for a better version of success. Success that raises the performance and wellbeing bar. So I changed the game, with a game and a "gym".
Fuel+Move is born of my passion to improve the experience and outcomes for people engaged with and in the legal sector.


My inspiration for this journey:

  1. People. People from diverse walks of life are my hidden inspirations at every turn.  

  2. Brian Dickens MBE. He's a relentless social change warrior.  Brian transforms the lives of people through sport and "social" prescriptions as a preventative measure for ill-health and to support mental wellbeing.  He's that leader who makes you feel like you've painted a masterpiece when all you did was hold the brush whilst he was busy painting.  I've had the pleasure of holding one of those brushes.

  3. Tony Villani, athletic performance coach to the NFL's best athletes and inventor of patented running performance optimisation technology. Working with him gave me a tangible experience of how a holistic, human approach to performance optimisation delivers immeasurable multi-dimensional benefits.  

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