Where open, collaborative minds connect.

As senior lawyers it's hard to find a network or community which provides the opportunity to discuss the things that matter most to you. You know, those things that you can only really explain to someone who gets it.


It's also hard to find the space to contribute meaningfully, to make connections that offer tangible support.


Not anymore. FM: Connect brings senior in-house lawyers together. 


It is an environment where diverse and shared experience is carefully and creatively combined. FM: Connect is where experience is shared. Through this, you can play your part in helping others unlock the challenges they face and, with their support, you can realise your hidden opportunities.

Real conversations with real people. Meaningful connection, collaboration and support.

Secure your invitation whilst it's free to join.


Disclaimer: Don't expect newsletters you don't have time to read and irritating marketing to clutter your inbox.  Your time and mailbox are too valuable for that.

Rules of Play

1. Be respectful and open-minded.

2. Don't share sensitive or strategically relevant information (compliance matters).

3. Share sincerely and support like you'd like to be supported.

Free to join: