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Career Gym for Lawyers



  • Activate broad spectrum thinking for smarter choices and better outcomes.

  • Develop open, inclusive mindsets to unleash the power of diversity.

  • Enable closer, trust-reinforced relationships for better client satisfaction, team engagement and retention.

  • Awaken awarenesses which enable people to enjoy their role with a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

  • Nurture a culture of  high performance and well-being.

Designed for lawyers

FM: Catalyse has been designed for lawyers by lawyers.  


We understand the nuanced contexts, challenges and constraints of lawyers as they transition through their careers.


Informed by our performance optimisation expertise and background from sport, education, gaming, law, digital transformation and coaching, we've removed the barriers to developing behaviours, thinking and mindsets for creating 3D value.



Results driven methodology
3D value


Our culture is one of 3D value creation.  If one wins, we all win.

This programme is designed to deliver that and to develop that mindset in the next generation of lawyer-leaders. 

We train lawyers to create 3D value outcomes. When one wins, we all win.

That also includes support to integrate FM:Catalyse into your overall professional development programmes, including support for line managers. 

Contact us to explore the details of our everyday support for lasting outcomes.




Bhavini P
Managing Associate 

“The programme has raised my understanding of myself and those I serve and how I can use my uniqueness to deliver better value.  I feel empowered and confident to reach higher and people around me are noticing it too!”

Cat M
Magic Circle Knowledge and BD Lawyer

"I found the overall experience insightful and I took away several learnings which I have sought to implement. I now understand more about my character and role when working with others, as well as how to identify the differences in my colleagues’ personal and professional traits. I thoroughly enjoyed the many reflective exercises we performed. I learnt to focus my attention not only on my firms’ objectives but my own professional accomplishments while raising my profile and achieving my fixed goals."

David R 
Commercial Counsel

"An opportunity to step back to see the wood from the trees and to set yourself up for success."

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