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Next generation game-training to accelerate team development and optimal performance for next generation legal teams. 

Fun. Energising. Effective.

(Re)Connect Your Valued Team

You lead a team of unique and talented individuals.

Your team supports commercial integrity and success. (e.g. legal team, a commercial team or a multi-disciplinary project team). Keep them connected and energised.


Accelerate your team through the friction and development stages to work better together.

Do it Different

You want something purposefully different and effective that delivers lasting benefits for individuals and your team. 


Why choose FM:Catalyse GT?

F​M:CatalyseGT experience includes 3 key activations:


1. 3D Awareness

2. Thinking agility

3. Apply and practice.

The complexity and hard work are hidden in the game experience so your team's experience is fun, energising and effortless, and the outcomes extraordinary! 

To explore more, read the case study or book a call.

Designed for lawyers

How does FM:CatalyseGT work?

What would you like to improve?



Finding effective solutions to employee well-being is critical to long-term success. It's about aligning who you are and what you do to bring out the best and achieve individual and collective ambitions.

Did you know you can train for it?

Participant Reflections and Transformations

“To be effective as a team, you need to give space to others to express their ideas and their point of views and, and listen to them and be on top of that."

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