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Personalised Group Training

  • Build powerful and productive connections.

  • Ditch exhaustion. Unlock wellbeing.

  • Win-Win-Win for all.

  • Thrive together.

  • Your career-lifestyle, your way.


Level 1:
At this stage, you are in the first 4 years of your career and are focused on building robust and
resilient foundations. You may be learning through training, mentorship, and on-the-job experience
with decreasing structure and supervisory support. Individuals at this stage may be focused on
mastering the fundamentals and building their professional networks.
Level 2:
At this stage, you have gained some experience in your career and are ready to take on more
complex and challenging responsibilities. You may have developed some specialised skills or
areas of expertise, and are often seeking opportunities to advance your career and take on more
responsibility. Individuals at this stage may be focused on enhancing their professional reputation,
influencer quotient and leveraging their professional networks to create opportunities.
Level 3:
At this stage, you have achieved a high level of expertise in your career and are often recognised
as a leader in your field.  You may have several years experience of managing people and
resources and are drawn to challenge yourself to use all of these qualities to drive change, unlock
untapped opportunities or bring to life a vision or calling that’s getting louder in you.

Sample Program

sample program
Sample program final (5).png

*Sample program of New to Management

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