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Recruitment + On-boarding

De-risk hiring or promoting new to work and new managers.

Recruiting, on-boarding skilled workforce only to discover they can’t hit the ground
running or can’t get on with existing staff and ways of working is not only expensive
but also damaging to team performance and client experience.

What if you could “try
before you buy”
on your next round of
hiring and promoting
first time managers?

Let our cleverly designed FM:CatalyseGT game-training enable you to experience the unveiled, true behaviours, attitudes and values of your next round of hires.
Give us a day and we’ll show you:
- candidate developability
- thinking agility (critical, strategic, relational, creative, intuitive)
- awareness and ability to read the room and manage
themselves and contexts

Sample program final (4).png


De-risk hiring and promoting.
Accelerate on-boarding. Enable
your new hires to hit the ground running.

Flexibility and Ease

What Clients Say

 “This environment is very nice and you feel free to share your opinion without being afraid that you will be judged. And that takes a lot of the stress off.”
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