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4 Easy Ways To Live With Less Fear And Set Yourself Up For Abundance

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

By Parul Patel, with special guest Kevin Hall

How often do you think to yourself “I don’t have time, I’m not good enough” or “I don’t have enough money”?

Known as a scarcity mindset (obsessed with the lack of something), it keeps you stuck, spinning your wheels and creating more of the same issues.

But, there is light at the end of the tunnel: with effort, you can tip the balance of your thoughts and develop a stronger abundance mindset (the idea that there are enough resources and successes for everyone), which means you focus more on how to create what you want instead of focusing on its absence.

Lawyers are busy people, and as the “paid cynics” we all too often find ourselves surrounded by actual and perceived bad news where it’s easy to drift into the scarcity mindset. However, that’s also an incredibly painful and stressful place to be. I’ve been guilty of spending too much time in that headspace, and thanks to Kevin Hall, a business coach, facilitator, trainer and presenter, I’ve transformed a lot of my thinking away from scarcity and into abundance. (and I’m happy to be a work in progress!).

I recently invited Kevin onto the Water+Air podcast to share his top four recommendations to help us move from a place of lack to one of greater abundance. When we think and feel more abundant, we create greater ease and flow in our personal and professional lives. Can you imagine how different your legal interactions would be if you felt more empowered and less pressured?

If, at this moment, your mind is inclined towards scarcity thinking, you might have the thought “I’ve heard all that before, Parul”; but unless we open up and create new neural pathways (different thoughts and experiences), we’ll continue to dismiss information that doesn’t fit with our usual pattern of thinking. And do you know what that results in? More of the same old…

Before we dive deep into the four ways you can start to increase your focus on abundance and shift your life and career for the better, know that this is NOT a strive for perfection.

Kevin: “Your mindset will always contain a mix of both abundance and scarcity thinking, but you need to think about where you want to spend most of your time. People with a scarcity mindset live mostly in their heads, where their internal dialogue controls how they see the world.

An abundance mindset is in the heart; it’s more about being in touch with our feelings and focusing on opportunity rather than fear [scarcity mindset]. Neither an abundance or scarcity mindset is right or wrong, but it is helpful to consciously make a shift towards abundance, because that’s where opportunity lies.”

Four ways to move from scarcity to abundance

  1. Develop an attitude of gratitude

Kevin: “Developing an appreciation for what we already have is an unbelievably effective way to move away from scarcity thinking.

Start to be grateful for everything you have and everything that you are right now. It can be that easy, and if the voice in your head tells you that’s rubbish, it’s because you’re in scarcity thinking!

When you develop gratitude, it changes your vibrational frequency [your energy], and what you emit you attract; the more you’re grateful for, the more you will receive.”

Your gratitude practice might include writing a list of things you appreciate, repeating them out loud or meditating on those thankful thoughts.

2. Take ownership of what enters via your five senses

Kevin: “Think about what comes into your nervous system via your five senses. Are you reading or listening to books and podcasts that focus on scarcity or abundance? Our environment is full of anchors [triggers, such as sounds or scents, that take you back to a positive or negative experience or way of thinking] which might reinforce a pattern that you no longer want.”

3. Surround yourself with the right people

Kevin: “If you surround yourself with people who spend most of their time in lack-mentality [scarcity mindset], they will likely be using words or phrases that drag you down. Make a conscious choice about the company you keep.”

4. Pay attention to your environment

Kevin: “A great way to change your thinking is to change your environment. Your environment is full of anchors of heightened happiness or sadness, so when you change it, you change your neural pathways.”

Whenever I’m having “one of those days” in the office, I walk in the park or go to the supermarket and pay attention to how the merchandise is set out. As random as that sounds, it pulls me out of my “repetitive thinking” and helps to change my emotional state for the better!

I found Kevin’s four tactics to help direct our minds towards abundance really practical; and because I love to share easy and straightforward ways that you can improve your life and career balance (we’re all about the Water+Air remember!), I asked the billion-dollar question…

Will these techniques help change the feeling that “there isn’t enough time”?

Kevin: “The feeling that we don’t have enough time can be a real frustration, and it definitely comes from a scarcity mindset because most of us aren’t looking at what we could do to free up time! Dr John Demartini [author and thought leader] talks about the issue not being a lack of time but, rather, how we are utilising our time. We are investing our time on what we think is the most important, but that doesn’t mean it is the most important!”

This concept really resonated with me. When I first hired Kevin as my coach, he supported me to ask two questions to help me manage my time and make good decisions:

  • “Is what I am currently working on going to help me move closer to my goal?” If yes, carry on.

  • If the answer is no, the second question to ask is, “How much time or energy am I willing to give to that task?”

Both of these questions help to streamline your thinking and create awareness around your actions, so that your time doesn’t dwindle away on pointless tasks that keep you stuck in scarcity thinking.

Do Kevin’s suggestions sound like an uphill struggle 🧐, or are you serious about building an abundance mindset? What differences do you think it might make to your life, relationships and career?

When I started to consciously move away from a scarcity mindset, I noticed all sorts of different opportunities that were there the whole time, but when I was in lack-thinking mode, I didn’t even see them!

Kevin summed it up perfectly.

Kevin: The opportunities or messages you needed to hear were always there, but you only see them if you choose to. When we’re in lack-mentality, we experience situations from a place of being a victim. It’s a disempowering narrative that goes on in your head, but when you decide to ask ‘how’ questions and explore ways to change the situation, everything opens up and you get back in the flow.

The image I have of lack-mentality is me standing on the side of a riverbank and looking into the river. I saw the water flowing but I wasn’t in it. I realised if I wanted to move towards what I wanted, I had to get in the flow, and then I’d start to ask, ‘How can I make that happen [refer to the four tactics we shared earlier]?’”

The Water+Air podcast with Kevin was jam-packed with amazing insights. If you haven’t already subscribed, don’t miss out; these simple tweaks to your everyday thinking can revolutionise every aspect of your life. Remember, it’s the consistent, ordinary actions that make the biggest transformations over time!

If you’re committed to living the best life and making the most of your career, why not check out the support I offer to help you kickstart that transformation?

Kevin Hall

Kevin is a Business Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Presenter.

Kevin Hall can be found here:

Parul Patel

Parul is an experienced international lawyer, demanding client, disruptive consultant and thought-provoking non-executive director and board advisor.

She's advised law firms and big global brands like Nike, Speedo and Manchester United, as well as supporting inner-city social change programmes, startups and scale-ups. Fuel+Move is born of her passion to improve interaction with the legal sector and achieve a better experience with better outcomes for its stakeholders.

Parul Patel can be found here:

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