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Learnings for lawyers from this sensational summer of sport 2021

Football, Rugby, military are often the natural go-to’s for exploring the power of teamwork.

But today we’re talking wrestling.


Not this kind of wrestling. Not even WWF.

But 1 on 1 Olympic wrestling. (Just to warm us up for the Olympics which will embrace the globe from 23 July).

What on earth does wrestling have to do with team togetherness?

A lot more than meets the eye. And we’ve picked the brain of former Olympic wrestler and Canadian national champion, Howard Stupp. Howard’s allowed us a sneak peak as to how attributes developed through the Canadian wrestling team enabled him to take his skills and competencies to deliver impacts at every level: personal, team, organisational, community and societal.

Howard will openly share that he found his way to the IOC largely due to the fact that he wasn’t offered a job after completing his Stage/training contract. But when the entry level role opened up at the IOC he only had one thing in his sights. A focus that he had nurtured from an early age through wrestling. It was an opportunity that got onto his radar because of his network.

Learnings for lawyers:

When we talk about team, we often confuse it with the people we work with. But when we think about what team togetherness actually looks like, the behaviours, the spirit, the feeling - whether we remember the togetherness of the Welsh football team or the sacrifices made by Bottas for Team Mercedes, we can start to see a different picture revealing.