One more day standing in the sun 🌻☀️

Welcome back Andy Murray!

It’s great to see people recovering and returning from major set backs. 🥳

That takes a multi-disciplinary team, hard work taking one day at a time, reframing success and adapting with courage and commitment.

But that’s not the focus for today’s tip for lawyers from this sensational summer of sport.

Tip of the day’s not even the connecting power of displaying an authentic outpouring of emotion and vulnerability in the right moment and setting. [The power of a great journalistic question that unlocks emotions. Watch here:

Whilst these are all takeaways from Andy Murray’s 1st day back on grass court competition at Queens yesterday, today’s tip is from Andy Murray role-modelling #backyourself through a less than straight forward career journey.

🤔 Did you know Andy wears his own brand - AMC produced by Castore co-owned by Andy.

It’s what confident listed companies do too - buying their own stock indicating a different level of of corporate self-confidence.

🥴 And when you don’t back yourself… sadly Petér Golácsi, Hungary’s goalkeeper showed us the harsh consequences as he took his position on the goal line looking defeated before the penalty, turning 0-1 quickly into 0-3 in injury time.

At a team level, what do your choices say about your confidence in yourself and your team?

Will you do what others aren’t to set up your teams for success?

Inspired by sport, legal team and career development designed for lawyers by lawyers.

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Setting up lawyers for success

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