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Learnings for lawyers from this sensational summer of sport 2021

Saturday 26 June

Falling off my bike was an omen. It was symbolic. There were learnings. Oh yeah, it hurt too.

When I came off my bike, Helen, a letsride friend, picked me back up and walked along side me until the dizziness had passed and I could get back on. Other riders slowed to check we were ok.

Not one person responded with frustration that I was in their way.

My ungracious tumble foreshadowed France, Portugal and Wales’ tumble out of the Euros. And it hurts.

Despite losing the match, Wales (once again!) won hearts and inspired generations.Their togetherness, their humanity was a bigger win than any match. And despite the obvious disappointment, Gareth Bale spoke with poise and character in the post-match interview. As a leader, he carried the disappointment of the squad and the nation, but the pride too. He also bore the brunt of some ill-timed questions, his continued grace under fire lasting well beyond the 90 minutes.

Now is a time for rest, reflection and recovery, before going again in qualification for Qatar 2022. @cymru #togetherstronger

The learnings for lawyers?

We will fall and that’s ok.

Falls don't define us, they set us up to rise.

When we do fall, it’s ok to admit it and to embrace the support and encouragement of others.

Admit help.

Be encouraged.

Falls can make us feel vulnerable and exposed.

It's just how our clients often feel when they come to us for support and guidance. And you've got 2 choices:

(1) be like helpful Helen who picked me up and got me back on my bike, or

(2) be like the BBC journalist who rubs salt into the wounds.

Be like Helen

Be like Helen, be the team member who draws on and shares togetherness to make your client feel secure, supported and strong to make the next smarter choice.

Is it easy to discover this mindset, develop the awarenesses and nurture these attributes?

It takes consistent commitment and your lawyers already have that by the bucket-load.

Fuel+Move provides legal team and career development support for lawyers who want to make the law better for all - including themselves. It’s a programme of continuous improvement and its impacts are long-lasting and sustainable. The equivalent of the what athletes like Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo do behind the scenes that allow them to enjoy and stay on top of their game for longer.

At Fuel+Move, we focus on individuals so that they can shine confidently in their perfectly unique and authentic way that delivers meaningful value to clients, employers, teams and equally important, the individual lawyers.

We weren’t afraid to reimagine and reformulate performance to set you up for a better version of success. We call it performance optimisation. Performance powered by well-being.

🔥 Give yourself a head start (or a kickstart) by booking a complimentary call:

Designed for lawyers by lawyers, inspired by sport.

Your cheerleaders@Fuel+Move

Setting up lawyers for a better version of success

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