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You share this with Olympians Sifan Hassan, Edinah Jebitok and F1's Lewis Hamilton. What is it?

Lessons for lawyers from this sensational summer of sport.

What do Edinah Jebitok, Sifan Hassan and Lewis Hamilton have in common?

Answer: As July passed the baton to August in 2021, all three experienced the same misfortune.

As Howard Stupp reminisced fondly of his father's advice:

“that’s just life. Sometimes you get blamed for things that aren’t your fault.”

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Jebitok, Hassan and Hamilton, each fell back through no fault of their own.

Hamilton restarting after the crash, in pole position but with what turned out to be the wrong tyres, forcing him to pit after 1 lap putting him in final position. Hassan and Jebitok being pushed to the back of the 1500m Olympic race because of the tumble over an other athlete who stumbled ahead of her.

Hamilton went on to push through back up the back and finish second in the Hungarian #F1 #GrandPrix. After the race, he spoke of suspected long covid. When you're operating at that level of performance, self-awareness and recognition of how changes affect you can be the difference between life and death. Adapting training and preparation for changing environments, contexts, emotions and physical wellbeing all go into the mix to set him up for the success he produces seemingly effortless.

Hassan came back to finish, winning the heat, running an Olympic record lap, and is all set up for a tri-sweep of 1500m, 5000m and 10000m in #Tokyo2020.