Rocket fuel for trailblazing teams who stay ahead with purpose


Progress starts from within.

FM: Retreat+Rise is a collaboration of immersive & challenging experiences for exploring and unlocking individual and team greatness from the inside out.

  • Competitive simulation game-based activities.

  • Safe to fail and explore under the guidance of our team of coaches.

  • Tranquil, world class venue. 


Our carefully designed experiences are multi-sensory and personalised to awaken awarenesses and develop habits for performance optimisation, where mind and body are in sync.



Mind and body in sync.


Our body and mind are inextricably connected. 



Success is a team outcome.

A better version of success needs better connection between your team, your clients and external advisors.

FM: Retreat+Rise is curated to provide a unique experience for your team to connect better with each other as well as with those they regularly work.


Or go one stage further and invite clients and external advisers to develop a deeper and more successful partnerships.



Contact us to explore our 3 and 5 day residential team cohesion experiences.

 "Intensity of preparation conditions the brain and body to perform under pressure.  It lets peak performance become automatic.  It develops a mindset to win.


In business, training is often seen as a soft option and is limited to the occasional away-day.  However, effective training is intense, regular and repetitious.  For world-class results, it should be central to culture.”

- James Kerr, author of Legacy - What the All Black can teach us about the business of life.