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Career Gym for Lawyers
Trailblazing legal teams.
Superb career-lifestyles.

The legal profession offers one of the most rewarding and demanding career, yet often the culture requires a well-being price that many are no longer willing to pay. At Fuel+Move, we'll help you revolutionise your legal work culture with the training and coaching infrastructure to create powerful, committed, and dynamic teams fueled by well-being and inclusivity. 

Break free from the crushing culture of law and its debilitating impact on your wage cost, performance and wellbeing.

Join legal pioneers building their own, personalised culture+capability that unlock individual and team awesomeness.

Unlock this must-have

Just like world class athletes and rockstar entrepreneurs,

your legal team is also expected to deliver results reliably with little margin for error, and under relentless pressure. 


Until now, we lawyers have been missing out on this secret must-have of top athletes and entrepreneurs.

We've radically personalised and enhanced this must-have for lawyers and legal teams.

The Next Generation Of Legal Talent

Do what others don't


Attract and develop a legal team that’s a powerful and innovative competitive advantage for your team and clients.​

Be the icon of success with thriving lawyers and a team that’s delivering better than ever.

Feel proud that your 

legal team enables better business and lasting success for all.

Do it your way

Game-Training Bootcamp


High intensity. High Impact. Human to Human. 

Reconnect teams, develop interpersonal, strategic and tactical capability through our proprietary game-training experience.  


Push the boundaries.


Leadership Mastermind


Facilitated. Co-creative.

Human to Human. 


Facilitated Leadership Mastermind peer group to challenge, clarify and encourage you to reach your leadership aspirations.

Transition. Transform. Thrive.

FM: Catalyse
Personalised Programmes


Structured. Coached.


A simple way to get lawyers  on point quickly and thriving through key career transitions, with peer and expert support. 


Engage. Evolve. Thrive.

FM:Catalyse Classes+Gear


Flexible. Fully remote.

Easy budget.

An easy budget, simple solution to get independent capability and career development support for your legal team.

Train at your own pace.

Our Approach

Whole person approach.

Elevate technical excellence by improving the core fundamentals on which all performance relies without sacrificing well-being.


Put well-being and inclusivity at the core of individual and team performance.

Asset 6@300x-8.png

Trailblazing collaborators. 

Fuel+Move solutions are informed by expertise and background from sport, education, gaming, law, digital transformation, behavioural science and coaching.


Make the most of parallel learning from our trailblazing collaborators and advisers.

Asset 4@300x-8.png

Radical personalisation. 

Fuel+Move solutions are developed for the nuanced contexts, challenges and constraints of lawyers. Even time and budget constraints.


Access radically personalised experiences for easy to apply learning for lawyers’ real life.

Our approach

 Let's change the game to raise the bar.

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Hear from pioneers


Managing Associate 

“The programme has raised my understanding of myself and those I serve and how I can use my uniqueness to deliver better value.  I feel empowered and confident to reach higher and people around me are noticing it too!”

Magic Circle Knowledge and BD Lawyer

"I found the overall experience insightful and I took away several learnings which I have sought to implement. I now understand more about my character and role when working with others, as well as how to identify the differences in my colleagues’ personal and professional traits. I thoroughly enjoyed the many reflective exercises we performed. I learnt to focus my attention not only on my firms’ objectives but my own professional accomplishments while raising my profile and achieving my fixed goals."

Commercial Counsel

"An opportunity to step back to see the wood from the trees and to set yourself up for success."

"Better than any technical training I've done."

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