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More learnings for lawyers from this sensational summer of sport 2021.

A simple one today from the Euro2020 NED vs AUS game and the VAR penalty. Well not just that game or that penalty. Even as recently as last year, the football world - fans, pundits, anyone else who had an opinion outside of football’s regulators were all still pitched firmly against the use of VAR. ☠️ “It’ll kill football” they said - not to be overly dramatic about it. It was conceived in 2010, tested from 2012 to 2016 in the Netherlands and USA, accepted into FIFA rules in 2018 and used in the 2018 FIFA World Cup (Russia). Still the focus on its glitches and imperfections and any other reason to remain wedded to the old way of doing things held people firmly in favour of the "VAR-free" way of football. But this year, “just” 11 years since its conception and 3 years after adoption by FIFA rules in 2018 and use in the FIFA World Cup 2018 … breakthrough. EURO2020 seems to be a turning point, where VAR is quick, efficient, not unduly interfering and usefully supporting the referees to make better decisions in their incredibly difficult job. 🍀From Dutch veel succes to global success. 🥳 Even Gary Neville, his 86.3k (as at 17 June 2021) Twitter followers including Peter Crouch have made the journey. 👉🏽WHAT’S THE LEARNING FOR LAWYERS? ✅Sometimes we just need to start the new thing, even with glitches, because that’s the first step forward which creates the opportunity to fix the glitches and make progress we’ll all be grateful for. 📈It’s part of a growth mindset and it’s not glitch-free. 🤔 Is fear of imperfection or glitches holding you and your team back from setting up for success and unlocking their greatness? Inspired by sport, legal team and career development designed for lawyers by lawyers. Your cheerleaders@Fuel+Move Setting up lawyers for success #lawyerdevelopment #performanceoptimisation #setupforsuccess #summerofsport2021 #backyourself #Euro2020


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