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How To Turn Your Passion Into A Lucrative Career Lifestyle

What would you say to some budget ideas that could turbocharge how you conduct yourself in and out of the legal sector?

I admire people who are passionate, thrive, and have found a way to work without exhausting themselves.

Abhijat Saraswat fits that profile!

He is a legal technologist and the senior director at Litera, which enhances client experience by leveraging the benefits of technology. He is also the founder of Fringe Legal, a media brand producing cutting-edge content for legal innovators.

Abhijat suffered burnout once before, and as a result is now a master at spinning plates and enforcing great boundaries. By the end of this blog (or tune into the full Water+Air podcast episode if you prefer), you’ll have solutions that make you want to clap your hands together!

I’m in awe of how Abhijat develops and manages his interests. He explained that each one interacts with the others, so he stacks them on top of each other to compound the learning (for him and everyone he engages with).

Although these interests are complementary, I wanted to know if he worried about taking on too much.

Abhijat shared seven great tips to help us thrive in the workplace and have a personal life!

1. Block out dedicated time for YOU

Junior lawyers in particular love to grab every opportunity, but Abhijat recommends having a shut-off point.

Abhijat: “I will block times in my calendar that will say ‘exercise’ or ‘reading’. They’re a reminder to me and an indication to my team that I'm not available at that time. It helps. But really, what you have to do is get into a habit of putting your phone away and just not looking at it when someone does message you at that time, because it will seem urgent. And of course you have to make exceptions but it's tough.”