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For people who have been working away from their “home” country for more than 2years.

If you’re heading back “home” after an expat posting, get ready for the repatriation shock!

It can take you by surprise even if you know it’s coming. It’s a thing. The loss of a sense of belonging and being understood.  

In this group you’ll be well accompanied to thrive through the repatriation journey (and that’s half the battle).


Join this group to reconnect and use your new Superpowers in the new-old context.  

How to reserve your spot:

Personalised Group training - 9 months

Step 1 - Complete the form

Fill in your details on the form on this page,  and pay the Deposit or Programme to secure your spot in the Programme. 


Step 2 - Reservation confirmation

After you have submitted the application form and paid the Deposit or Programme Price, you'll receive a confirmation if your application has been accepted.


Step 3 - Programme confirmation

We'll email you before the first session with dates, times and other details you'll need to prepare you for the start of the Programme.

Let's Secure Your Spot

Preferred training day
Select an item (£)



How many people are in a group?

4- 10 people in each group session.  If there are fewer than 4 people booked on a Programme, we'll contact you with alternative options.

Is the program online/offline?

The sessions are provided online via Zoom (or similar).  You'll receive the link for your group in advance.

How long is the program?

The program length is 9 months, with 1 sessions a month.

Do I have to join the full program or can I jump in and out of sessions?

The small group is highly personalised and we'd prefer that you try to join all of your group's sessions.

What does a program look like? 

You can check our sample program here.


How much is the program?

The program costs £899 for 9 months.

Why do we have to pay a Deposit?

We do this so you can secure your spot as there are only 10 spots per group. You will not be charged the full price, until we confirm that you are enrolled in our training.

Can I pay with my L&D credits?

Yes, it's best to contact us if you're unsure about how you or your sponsor can do this.

What if this training is not for me?

You can get a refund, if you cancel within 14 days after your first training session. You will be refunded the £800 back. Please check the terms and conditions for further details.

Can't find your burning question? Contact us here.
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